Learn French in France


Mike, British

Semi-intensive course for 2 weeks in November 2017

First of all I wanted to say a big thank you to Dominique for creating such a friendly place to learn and of course to Natacha who had so much patience with Larry, Brock and myself on our two week course.

My listening skills, understanding and vocabulary really improved even if I do still struggle to form spoken sentences!! Above all it has given me the encouragement and confidence to at least try.

I would definitely like to do more courses so if something of my level comes up please do let me know and also for Peter too of course as we would be very interested so long as we can work it around our business needs.


Rebecca, American

Intensive course for 2 weeks in August 2017

I loved taking classes at Ludo. Believe it or not, I have always been madly curious about the subjunctive, and Dominique answered all of my questions about it. Now I recognize it and the subtlety that comes along with it. I am using what I learned in a paper I am writing for Graduate School.
Dominique and Luc are lovely, friendly people and I think I will see them again this summer for more courses.


Maura, Ireland

Semi-intensive course for one week in June 2017.

This was my second time travelling from Ireland to attend Ludo expression. It is definitely going to be an annual visit for me. Excellent teaching in a beautiful location. Courses are highly organised while being flexible enough to allow for individual development. The atmosphere is warm, welcoming, and friendly. A real find! Thank you to Dominique and Luc! See you next year.


Dean, New Zealand

Intensive Course, elementary level, 2 weeks, May 2017

I spent two weeks with Ludo Expression in May. I chose to join a small group class in the morning and then a 2 hour, one on one in the afternoon. The environment was very friendly and the informal discussion we had followed a pattern which identified and addressed the needs of each student. My French improved, and importantly , I enjoyed the experience and would recommend it highly.


Claire, New Zealand

Intensive Course, intermediate level, 3 weeks, May 2017

I loved every moment of my course.  The morning classes were small and Dominique’s style of teaching was warm, engaging, professional and inclusive.  She ensured that each student participated equally and our discussions were lively, enjoyable and often hilarious.  I remember with pleasure the other students and how often we laughed together.  And in this stimulating and spontaneous atmosphere Dominique answered all our questions, corrected all our mistakes and taught us grammar. A brilliant learning experience.

In the afternoon I had one to one lessons with Lisa who focused on what I wanted to learn and how I could improve.  We, too, laughed a lot and she, too, was very professional in her approach. She was assiduous in helping me with my oral expression, my pronunciation and the grammatical errors in my (often excitable) spoken French.  Her specific focus on my personal learning needs was refreshing and helpful.

I stayed with a very nice French family nearby which completed my perfect language immersion experience at Ludo Expression.




Erik from United States

Semi-intensive course for 4 weeks in October 2016.

I spent a month in Ludo Expression’s beginner’s class. Anne-Lise taught me a lot of French and, in addition, gave me an in-depth view of French culture (I took 53 pages of notes). Other people in the class also had the same experience. Fantastic!


Betty from United States

Intensive course for 1 week in October 2016.

Ludo Expression is a perfect match for me. I had searched the internet for French courses in Southern/South West France and this course kept coming up as hitting all the right buttons: small morning sessions divided by similar abilities involving practical daily situations, conversation with units of grammar woven in; geared for adults; offering various levels of “immersion” from morning group sessions to afternoon two hour one-on-one hour sessions. I decided to take the one week immersion course -small group morning session with afternoon sessions one-on- one and live with a host family. As a reward for my hard work during the day my terrific host family treated me to delicious simple meals and discussions in French. A truly wonderful slice of life experience.

Anne-Lise started our morning sessions with what ever the buzz in the classroom was at the moment. One morning we had a tremendous thunderstorm so météo became an immediate topic. With good humor she would bring us to structure, practice and pronunciation. Encouragement from both the instructors and group gave us all new confidence to use our French.

My one-on-one sessions with Dominique in the afternoon lead to session of role playing over the telephone – making reservations, appointments, emergency calls. Dominique was quick to have me apply skills from my morning sessions.

Many thanks to Ludo Expression, Dominique and Anne-Lise.

I definitely plan on coming back!


Ingrid from England

Intensive course for 5 weeks in June-July 2016.

After years of procrastination I finally decided to bite the bullet, drive myself and go on my ‘Continental Adventure’ with very little French remaining in my memory bank!

I was not disappointed with my choice of school. Dominique and Luc were great hosts helping to organise 5 weeks of great accommodation for me and encouraging me into extra curricular activities after school such as badminton and tennis as well as some meals out with other students.

I was on my own for the duration, which was great; I had shared classes in the mornings and one to one every afternoon. In the evenings I loved doing my homework but still found time to discover how wonderful my surroundings were. Medieval everything… and to add to my good fortune, a lovely fellow student from California and an Ivy League, Princeton Student, who happened to be specialising in Medieval History for his Masters at UCL and was on the same course. We hung around together practicing our spoken French and visiting many interesting places. Too many to list!

Dominique is a very good teacher and for the First Time In All My Years of learning French (I never really got it) I understood how it all fitted together. It gave me so much confidence. My longing to get over the ‘Grammar’ was finally fulfilled.

Of course five weeks of French is nowhere near enough, but it has satisfied my need to understand the bigger picture. Now, I am attending a class in the UK with renewed enthusiasm lest I forget.

I would recommend Ludo Expression at any level as this school can adapt to anyone’s needs.

Thank You Dominique you have been an inspiration.

Ingrid x


Pauline from Ireland

Semi-intensive course for one week in June 2016.

My 3 friends and I spent a week in the intermediate level class with Dominique as our teacher.We had a wonderful fun time with lots of lively discussions but also very structured development through the week.The social aspect was an added bonus with film outings,meals out together etc.We found it the perfect mix so much so ,we are returning again this June.


Yvonne from England

Intensive course for 1 week in March 2016.

I recently spent an extremely enjoyable and worthwhile week studying French with Ludo Expression.   From the minute Luc picked me up from the airport, I was immersed in the language and culture of beautiful Carcassonne.

In the mornings I studied as part of a group of four students, all of a similar level, and in the afternoon I enjoyed a two-hour one-to-one lesson with Dominique.   She is a fantastic teacher and explains everything clearly, concisely and with examples.

As I wanted to make the most of my week-long immersive experience, I chose to stay with a family, who lived a short walk from the school.They were lovely and it really helped to put the French that I had learned during the day, into practice over a tasty dinner in the evening.

I plan to return to Ludo Expression and Carcassonne, very soon.


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