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A new comment from an american student : Gale


It is such a pleasure to write about this small city in southern France which greets visitors with La Cite, an ancient fortified city and castle, and then, below, a 13th century town on a river. The lower town has many other things of which to boast, too. – several large historical churches, a fine Museum of Art, many interesting shops, as well as expansive parks and gardens along the river, plus many other things.

Another outstanding offering is the language school, Ludo Expression, for persons wishing to further their skills in the French language.

Equipped with a small number of excellent teachers, par none; superb both in their teaching techniques as well as their sympathetic care for the students and their progress, the school accepts only a limited number of students. Students quickly befriend one another in its small classes, and the school takes on a feeling of home, away from. home.

While I have felt stress in other language learning environments, I believe it does not exist in the Ludo Expression school. The unlimited generosity of the couple who have made the school what it is, are a guarantee that the time passed here will be pleasant and special for all!

Living in the ever present sense of ongoing history, while glimpsing the glory of the massive walled city above on the hill, has, in only 2 weeks passage, taken me from a tourist’s perception into almost a feeling of becoming a Carcassonne resident! My treasured memory – to which I hope to return!

With fondness,



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